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In January, I met up with Joelle Garguilo and shadowed her as she did her work on the Today Show. It was so interesting to watch how she was just so natural on camera. I also got to see her producer side and how she worked with the live audience outside. It was such a wonderful experience and Joelle works so incredibly hard.

Soooo! In this Fabulous Confabulation, host and producer, Joelle Garguilo, discusses the challenges of being a woman in the entertainment industry and gives some wonderful advice and tips on how to be a well-rounded journalist! You might have seen her on the Today Show, New York Live, NBC, and many other platforms. This was such a fun interview and I hope you enjoy it!

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2 thoughts on “A Day with NBCUniversal Journalist, Host, and Producer, Joelle Garguilo!

  1. What a great interview. Both enjoyable and informative. Joelle Garguilo is the only person on the planet that can boast she met both Oprahs. Joelle confirming J-Mils as a “natural” and also having the “it” factor is clearly why we dubbed her Lil Oprah.
    Truly an OUTSTANDING piece!!!!

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