Haiti’s Independence day was January 1 and I wanted to acknowledge one of the many women warriors that fought in the Haitian Revolution. As some don’t know I am half Haitian and I’m always interested in learning about my culture and the powerful women in my history.


Victoria Montou was a soldier and healer in the army during the Haitian Revolution. Before the revolution, she was a slave from the Kingdom of Dahomey, currently Benin. Then she was abducted and brought to Haiti. In 1971 her and other women created revolutions to help get rid of the Europeans and their slavery. The revolt of the Africans eventually led to the abolition of slavery, it ended forced assimilation, direct colonialism, and the Triangular Trade.


During the Haitian Revolution, Victoria taught many troops how to defend themselves. She trained them on how to conduct hand to hand combat, shoot,  use weapons, and throw knives. Her duty was also to supervise a group of captives working on the field. But regardless of her power she showed compassion and did everything she could to help her black brother and sisters.


Victoria Montou fought until she couldn’t anymore and fortunately, she was able to witness the proclamation of the independence of Haiti. Then she passed away in 1805. Women like her should be in the history books and should be spoken about more often. From what we know about Victoria, she has been through many tribulations but fought back every time and always looked after others. Her resilience and strength are empowering.


Victoria Montou is a girl with beauty and brains!

Who is one woman from your culture or in the world who had such a large impact in a country that you’re from? Look it up and you might be surprised by what you find. 💜


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