About the blogger✌︎

Jamilah Rosemond is a rising sophomore at New York University majoring in drama with a concentration in musical theater. She is also minoring in business in entertainment. Jamilah was very active in high school. She was a member of the National Honors Society and International Thespian Society. She also served as vice president for student council and secretary for National Honors Society. She plans on being just as active while at NYU.

Jamilah is the founder of Girls with Beauty & Brains, which is a girl empowerment blog created to encourage young women who suffer from insecurities and provide them with resources to empower and motivate them to reach their highest potential. Jamilah created Girls with Beauty & Brains because of her personal experiences in middle school. She noticed that girls were always competing with each other as opposed to building each other up, and noticed many girls including herself, lacked confidence because they were trying to fit into society’s standards of beauty. Jamilah also has a series on her blog called, Fabulous Confabulation, which is a one on one chat with inspiring women and girls in different career fields to provide viewers with insight on how to reach their dreams. Some women she has interviewed include the following: Emmy award winning NBC reporter, Joelle Garguilo; Visual journalist/writer, Liza Donnelly; Be More Chill producer, Jennifer Tepper; and New Jersey Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman. She hopes to create a scholarship fund for girls so that they get the opportunity to attend college as well. Some awards she has received in recognition of her blog are the following: “In Recognition and Appreciation of Your Ability to be an Inspiration and Visionary Leader” awarded by Rays of Hope and “Empowerment Through Self-Actualization” awarded by the Donald & Alease Hilliard-Chapman Foundation.

During the summer of 2019, Jamilah was a production assistant at BET Networks, working under Connie Orlando, as well as a production assistant for the Black Girls Rock Award Show. It was an amazing learning experience that Jamilah will never forget. At BroadwayCon 2020, Jamilah was afforded the opportunity to be a moderator for the G!Talk panel/podcast. She interviewed Aisha Jackson, former standby for Anna in Frozen on Broadway and Presley Ryan, ensemble member in Beetlejuice on Broadway.

Jamilah also had the opportunity to give back through performances when she was casted in Girl Be Heard’s 2019 MainStage Show, 2030: The Future Is Ours. Girl Be Heard (GBH) is an organization that develops, amplifies, and celebrates the voices of young women through socially conscious theatre-making. Each show tackles social justice issues that are current and important to the cast members. 2030: The Future Is Ours, was about the United Nation’s sustainable development goals and each cast member wrote original pieces focusing on their goals for the future. Jamilah wrote the opening song as well as a spoken word piece on poverty. With Girl Be Heard, Jamilah was afforded the opportunity to perform at multiple events including the Women’s History event at the New York Public Library held by the New York Comptroller, Scott Stringer, and council member, Jumaane Williams. Jamilah was also casted in GBH’s 2020 MainStage Show, Citizen Be Heard, focusing on civic engagement. Jamilah wrote a piece about student loans named, “Don’t Leave Us a Loan” as well as “No Justice, No Peace,” a monologue about her experiences with racism. Due to COVID-19, Citizen Be Heard was cancelled but they are planning on doing a virtual performance, which can be seen on https://girlbeheard.org/mainstage.

Jamilah is currently a teaching artists at Children’s Theatre Company in New York. She works with children between the ages of 5-16 years old. Her responsibilities include teaching them the music of the show they are working on, helping them learn their lines, and overall assisting the director with whatever help they need. Jamilah is also in an equity show named Henry Box Brown, the story of an 1850’s enslaved Virginia man who shipped himself to freedom in a box. It is a touring show that started in New York City, continuing in Savannah, Georgia and will be traveling to 5 other cities. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, Henry Box Brown has postponed all other shows until further notice.

In 2018, Jamilah was one of two girls selected from over 500 to host American Girl’s web series, AG Life. Jamilah had the opportunity to inspire girls using American Girl’s platform by giving tips and showing them ways to be confident. That year, Jamilah also was the red carpet correspondent for the Celebrity Kids Fashion Show in Newark, New Jersey. There, she interviewed influential people like, Power actress, Donshea Hopkins; award winning celebrity stylist, Pilar Scratch; and actor, Jeremy Burnett. In 2016, Jamilah and seven other girls organized a girl empowerment conference at Princeton University called The Celebration of Womanhood. Jamilah’s key role as one of the organizers was to market the event and manage the transportation to ensure that all of the over 200 registered girls were able to attend.

Jamilah has been a member of Rays of Hope, a youth volunteering organization, for eight years and served as treasurer on the board for the 2016-2017 school year. She has volunteered over 200 hours per year. One of Jamilah’s favorite initiatives is working with children. She loves volunteering at the Homefront Family Shelter where she gets to interact with the kids. Rays of Hope has pushed Jamilah out of her comfort zone and encouraged her to be a leader wherever she goes.

Jamilah is a girl with beauty and brains!!