Hello Beauties!!

I chatted with Alexa Curtis who is the CEO and blogger of Life Unfiltered with Alexa Curtis. She is the former host of the Radio Disney Show, Fearless Everyday, and does public speaking at colleges where she discusses how to be fearless as well as mental health and social media. Alexa has also been featured on platforms like Forbes, the Today Show, Huffington Post, TED Talk, and so much more.

In this Fabulous Confabulation, Alexa chats about mental health, social media, and the challenges of forming and running a business. Also, her Be Fearless Summit at Vanderbilt takes place TOMORROW. It is virtual and you can get tickets by going to bfs@vanderbilt.eventbrite.com.

This has been one of my favorite interviews! Alexa was wonderful to chat with and I was left feeling so motivated from her story and just her overall energy. Definitely watch this interview for good vibes, encouragement, and lots of motivation!!

Check out Alexa’s blog and follow her on Instagram. Also to learn more about the Be Fearless Summit, check out the Instagram page as well.

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