Alice Brooks #TWT

Have you ever thought of building your own doll house? Our terrific woman this Tuesday, Alice Brooks, built her own doll house at the age of 8. She asked her parents to buy a doll house for her but instead, her dad bought her the tools to build it herself.


Luckily for Alice, building her own doll house sparked an interest in science and engineering. This passion eventually led her to co-create the Roominate, a construction kit for a dollhouse that can be electrically wired. Alice wanted to construct an engineering product that gives girls an opportunity to build and create. “Girls love dolls and stuffed animals. But they also love Legos and Lincoln Logs, too,” Alice said in an interview. 

Alice and her partner, Bettina, launched Roominate through Kickstarter and raised more than $85,000 in 30 days. The company’s long term goal is to create more opportunities for girls to fall in love with science and engineering. 

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