It’s black history month beauties! So we are kicking the first Tuesday of February off right starting with Amelia Boyton Robinson!

Ms. Robinson was a civil rights activist. She helped lead the 1965 civil rights march and was brutally beaten while doing so. She worked really hard to get voting rights for African Americans and succeeded.

But her mark doesn’t stop there. Ms. Robinson was also the first black woman to run for Congress in Alabama and paved the way for many women in politics. Also, her along with Martin Luther King Jr. planned the infamous Selma to Montgomery March of March 7, 1965.

I can only imagine that it wasn’t easy to walk in the Selma March especially because police officers were brutally attacking protesters. Ms. Robinson especially was beaten and all bloody during the March. Ms. Robinson’s experiences and contributions to the 1965 marches and Civil Rights Movement, can be watched in the 2014 film Selma, at which she is portrayed by actress, Lorraine Toussant.

Ms. Robinson was awarded the Martin Luther King Jr. Medal Freedom and she was also serving as vice-chair of the Schiller Institute, which promoted civil and human rights, until 2009.

Ms. Robinson lived a long long life, passing away at 104 years old. After her death, Barack Obama recognized her legacy in an official statement. Amelia fought so hard for every African American and endured so much pain. She is a girl beauty and brains!

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