Hello Beauties! School has either just started for you or you will be starting shortly.

Here are tips and advice for this 2017-2018 school year!

Get Rid of Toxic Friendships. If you read my last blog post Choosing Your Friends you know how a bad friendship can impact your life. Don’t let friends get in the way of you doing well in school. Your education will stay with you forever, your friends.. well it’s not guaranteed.

Take Risks. Run for a spot on student council, join a new club, read more books than you did last school year, etc. It makes the school year much more interesting and less boring!


Join Clubs and Sports. This is similar to taking risks, but more specific. Being active in school could give you many opportunities of receiving a scholarship. Also, it looks good on college applications, but the main reason you should join different activities is because you can learn something new and make a ton of new friends.

Stay Focus. It’s easier said than done. But the older you get, the harder/stressful it becomes to procrastinate on school work. Try to discipline yourself to put the phone away (or anything else that is a distraction) and just try to get as much work done as you can. Perhaps get ahead on work too!!

stay focused


Rest up. We all have those nights where we pulled all nighters to finish a last minute project, which led to us dozing off in class. Yikes!…Guilty!! Sleep is really important and you need to be well rested in order to stay focus in class.

rest up

Sometimes because you actually did…😂

Take a Look into Your Fashion More. Change up your style, if you would like, and express yourself more through your fashion. I know when I dress nice to school it boosts up my confidence and I feel good! Now dressing nice does not mean buying name brand clothing and shoes or following trends, it means dressing the way YOU like. If you want more information on how to find your style and anything else on fashion go on iamcrystaallxo.

How you should always feel! ❤️



Here are 11 tips that can help any of you Beauties in school.

I found some of these tips from a girl named @cravingshay on twitter and I thought I would share with all of you Beauties!  

1.If you accidentally close Microsoft without saving your work type .asd into file explorer in “my/this pc” your work will be there.

2. Accidentally typed something in all caps instead of deleting it highlight it and hit shift and F3 simultaneously.

3. PDF files that end in “.exe” are viruses do not download them to your computer.

4. Use wordhippo.com to find words that you can’t think of but you can describe.

5. Its easier to remember stuff written in blue ink than it is to remember stuff written in black.

6. When studying for a test type in google “site:edu (the subject) exam.” You’ll find a lot of practice test you can use to quiz yourself.

7. Bible.org created citation page keepmeout.com which temporarily blocks social media while you’re studying so you can stay focus.

8. For homework help duolingo.com, sparknotes.com, onlineconversion.com, and khanacademy.com.

9. You can take real college classes online for free with coursera.org, ocw.mit.edu, oyc.yale.edu, ocw.jhsph.edu, and maths.ox.ac.uk/courses.

10. Slader.com has the answers to every textbook.

11. For college students, you can use free textbooks on textbooknova.com, ebookee.org, manybooks.net, and feedurbrain.com.


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