Hello Beauties! I recently uploaded the Fabulous Confabulation with Amira Yahyaoui, the CEO and founder of Mos ! If you haven’t seen it yet definitely go watch it here.

Today I am back with a discount code for their site. Use the code JMILS10 for 10% off. Mos helps with your FAFSA and also finds any other money that you might be eligible for. Below are some of their success stories.

Mos awarded me the Black Students Matter Scholarship this summer and I have recently signed up for their site to get more financial aid as well. I am really excited for the process!

As we know college is expensive, so let’s be sure that we are trying all reasonable options first before deciding to take out large loans.

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Amira Yahyaoui, CEO of Mos (Scholarships, financial aid, and more!)

Hello Beauties!

If you are in college or you are a senior in high school, getting more money for school is on the forefront of your mind. Paying for college can be really stressful, can leave you in a huge amount of debt, and sometimes prevent you from going to your top school.

Well, I had the opportunity to chat with Amira Yahyaoui, the CEO of Mos, which is a platform that helps students pay for college through simplifying access to financial aid. She explains what students tend to forget when applying for more money, and explains the process of how Mos can help you stay debt free.

Amira was also a human rights activist in her home country Tunisia. She has experienced many obstacles such as, being exiled from her country in 2002 for protesting against the government. Amira talked about her journey as an activist and gave some advice for young activists who are constantly on the front lines right now.

I am thankful for Amira and Mos because in August I was one of the recipients of their Black Students Matter Scholarship! It was great to be acknowledged and awarded in what seemed like the climax of the Pandemic.

I was so wonderful to chat with Amira! Her story and her passion is so inspiring, and I’ve learned so much just by chatting with her. Please watch this interview for some valuable information on how to pay for school!

And go to the Mos website and follow them on instagram for daily tips and information.

September: My Fabulous Confabulation with Ms. Stout

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Hello Beauties! This is my Fabulous Confabulation with my guidance counselor, Mrs. Stout! In this chat, she talks about how important it is to build a relationship with your guidance counselor. Beauties don’t be afraid to ask your guidance counselor questions. They are there to help you!! 😉

Here are some basic questions to help get your conversation started with your guidance counselor:

1. What courses do I need to take to be ready for college?
2. How should I plan my schedule so I’ll complete them?
3. Which elective courses do you recommend?
4. Which AP courses should I consider taking?
5. When is the PSAT/NMSQT going to be given?
6. How should I study for the SAT, and is it given at this high school or do I need to go somewhere nearby?
7. Do you have any college planning sessions scheduled?
8. Do you have college handbooks or other guides that I can browse or borrow?
9. What activities can I do at home and over the summer to get ready for college?
10. What kinds of grades do different colleges require?
11. Are there any college fairs at this school, or nearby?
12. What colleges do other kids from our school go to?
13. What are the requirements or standards for the honor society?
14. Can you put me in touch with recent grads who are going to the colleges on my wish list?
15. Do you have any information to help me start exploring careers?
16. If my colleges need a recommendation from you, how can I help you know me better, so it can be more personal?
17. Are there any special scholarships or awards that I should know about now, so I can work toward them?
18. Can I see my transcript as it stands now, to see if everything is as I think it should be?
19. What forms do I use to apply for financial aid and where I can find them online?
20. How does our school compare to others, in terms of test scores and reputation?

I hope this video was informative and you all learned something new, I know I did!!
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