Often you hear, “choose your friends wisely” or “the people you hang out with the most are who you will start to act like.” Often times as teenage girls we tend to brush it off and not listen. Well beauties…. if you didn’t know already, its true, and being in middle school/ high school taught me that.


Some of the type of girls that I used to hang out with in middle school got in trouble often. That put me in an awkward situation because when teachers saw me with those group of girls, they automatically thought I wasn’t a good kid. (looking back on the situation it wasn’t right for the teacher to make those assumptions). I was an honor student, very quiet, and I never got in any major trouble. Yes..I guess you can say I am a goody two shoes. 🙂

When I was hanging with those girls, I started to get accused of doing things and was being sent to the principal’s office. That wasn’t the reputation I wanted and I tried to help my group of friends as well. I suggested that they should change their ways because their silly/ stupid decisions can give them a bad reputation and that is not a good look. However, they didn’t see anything wrong with their actions and didn’t think it was necessary to change their ways. That’s when I slowly drifted myself away from them and by 9th grade I had a whole new circle of friends. My circle is now small and we just clicked as soon as we met each other. We’re able to talk about the goals we have set, how we can help each other out, and keeping each other on task.

Aside from the serious stuff, we always know how to have a good time. Whether we’re just having a get together at someone’s house, throwing a surprise party for a friend in our group, or just laughing for hours on the phone. There isn’t a dull moment with them and that’s what friendship is all about!!

Picking good friends can have a positive affect on your life so choose your friends wisely 💕

Here are some pictures of my friends and I! 🙂

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