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In the black community, women are finally embracing their natural hair. Everyone, no matter what race, should love their natural beauty and features. As for me, I love my curly hair, but I wasn’t always comfortable with it.

I live in a town where majority of the people are white. All I see are girls with straight or wavy hair. In 6th and the beginning of 7th grade I would get my hair straightened every two weeks. So basically my hair was straight almost everyday. I never wanted to wear my naturally curly hair because then I wouldn’t look like others and I thought that straight hair was the only way to look beautiful. I also thought my hair was too “poofy”. Later that 7th grade year, I found YouTubers who had beautiful curly hair, so by watching them, they encouraged me to wear my natural hair out. However, I didn’t have the right products so my curls weren’t defined, which is why I would get questions like, “Why is your hair so poofy?” or “No offense, but do you comb your hair?”

After wearing my curly hair for the rest of 7th grade, I had the urge to get it straightened because I wasn’t liking my hair and I still wasn’t comfortable with it, but I didn’t. I started 8th grade with curly hair and once again I got questions like, “When are you going to straighten your hair?” or “You should straighten your hair.” At that point the comments didn’t bother me because there were also some good comments like, “I like your hair” or “I love your hair like this!” Also, during 8th grade I had more knowledge on how to do my hair. The only time I straightened my hair that year was for my birthday and for my graduation.

When I started high school, I thought I wanted to start with straight hair. But then, I saw videos on heat damaged hair and it just reminded me again how bad straightening my hair was. The day that I washed my hair, I noticed that I did have a little heat damage. So I made a promise to not straighten my hair for a while so I can transition back to healthy curly hair. Also, I have a curly hair routine that I do and enjoy the results! I also get more good comments than bad comments, but the comments don’t make me because I have grown to be 100% comfortable with my natural hair. People say my hair is goals and they also say they like my naturally curly hair better than when my hair is straight.

I am now a sophomore in high school and It’s been a year and a half since I applied heat to my hair. I enjoy watching YouTubers with curly hair and learning how to do new hairstyles, tips, and routines. I watch YouTubers like Jewellianna Palencia💕, SunkissAlba💕, Sayria Jade💕, LipsticknCurls💕, and many more.


Wow, what an old picture! When I use to straighten my hair..


How to be comfortable with your hair😁

  1. Watch YouTubers who have the same hair type as you so your hair results can be similar to theirs, if that is what you desire. Many times, people just click on any curly hair videos and expect the same hair results. Speaking from experience, it is heartbreaking and tragic when what you thought was going to be a good hair day is actually bad!!!

    curly hair meme1

    After you finish following the steps to the tutorial. This is how it actually is! It leaves you thinking, “did I miss a step?”

2. Find the products that work for you. It is actually better to use less product in your hair for better results. If you are just starting to wear your hair natural, trial and error with products. I use to have so many products and apply them all at once; it just made my hair look so frizzy, and I wasn’t comfortable. Once you find those products that enhance YOUR curl pattern, you will slay the game and feel that way too!curly

3. Surround yourself with other naturals. It is always cool to have another natural by your side or being able to talk to other naturals on social media. When you have another natural as a friend, it plays a part in making you feel more comfortable and confident. You guys can then recommend hair products, share tips, hairstyles, and more. I have friends who are natural and that is how we bond. We always chat about the twist outs we did the night before and what our favorite products are.

curly hair meme

Overall, just embrace your hair and who you are. Don’t change who you are to fit in. I feel like trying to fit in is a common mistake with girls, which will be talked about in a future post. But, I noticed as I am getting older, I feel more confident doing my own thing! ❤️

Comment your natural hair journey and/or personal experiences regarding your natural hair ⬇️
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