You might know Gina Rodriguez from her starring role in Jane the Virgin. Aside from being an amazing actress, she is also a diversity advocate. Her mission is to make more movies and shows more diverse. She is the creator of “I Can I will Productions,” which specializes in creating projects with minority and Latin representation in front of and behind the camera.JANE THE VIRGIN


Before Jane the Virgin, Gina had the opportunity to be cast in Lifetime’s Devious Maids. Although this job would have advanced her career, she decided to turn it down because she didn’t want to fall into the Latino stereotype of being cheap labor. The show wasn’t what Gina stood for and she felt it wasn’t right to take the part.


Luckily that is when the show, Jane the Virgin, came along in 2014. A show Gina thought was the perfect Latino show with an abundance of Latino representation in it. The show touches on controversial issues like abortion, immigration, and racial stereotypes.


The shows relatability got it a Golden Globe award and nominations. Gina Rodriguez won a Golden Globe for having the Best Performance in a TV Series, and in her acceptance speech, she said a beautiful speech about how the business needs more representation.

72nd annual Golden Globes


It’s inspiring how she uses her fame as a way to help minorities so they can be starring in shows just like her. She is one of my favorite actresses as well. Gina Rodriguez is a girl with beauty and brains and is shaping the film/TV industry for the next generation of Latino actors.

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