“There’s a Glitch in our Online Communities” #TWT

In 2017, a brilliant organization named Glitch was created. Seyi Akiwowo, who is 28 years old, is the one behind the organization and designed it to end online abuse.

Did you know that women are 27 times more likely to be harassed online than men, and if you’re a women of color it is a lot worse?

Seyi Akiwowo experienced online abuse herself and felt that there wasn’t much guidance or anyone to help her. She decided to take matters into her own hands and started Glitch to support women and girls who are victims of online abuse as well as help them stand up for their rights. Through many online campaigns and media coverage, Glitch was finally able to get social media platforms to take action.

Aside from Glitch, Seyi was elected as the youngest black female councillor in east London in 2014 and last year, she was named Amnesty international’s Human Rights Defender.

It is so inspiring for Seyi to rise from her trauma and create a platform to help prevent girls from online harassment, especially because social media is prominent in our generation. I admire her strength and her ability to be an advocate for all women. Seyi Akiwowo is a girl with beauty and brains!

The ‘We Call B.S.,’Game-Changing Teenager #TWF

This beauty is a teen activist and advocate for gun control. She is a survivor of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida that happened earlier this year. Our terrific woman this Friday is Emma González.

After the shooting that happened at Emma’s school, she realized that it was important to take action so that nothing like that ever happens again. So in response to the situation, she co-founded the gun control advocacy group.

Emma has also helped organize the worldwide march, March for Our Lives . She has made many high profile media appearances and continues to speak for those who have lost their lives due to gun violence.

Emma is a beauty with a bright future ahead. Her actions are truly inspirational and she emphasizes how important it is for your voice to be heard. She is a girl with beauty and brains!

U.S. State Legislature’s first openly transgender woman #TWT

This beauty is the first openly transgender person to be seated in a U.S. state legislature. Our terrific woman this Tuesday is Danica Roem!


She first started as a journalist for the Gainesville Times, writing on stories about Virginia’s Prince William County. Now she is serving her community in another way, as a lawmaker in the Virginia House of Delegates.


Danica entered politics because there were still 9 anti-LGBTQ bills that she wanted to change, and she also wanted to fix route 28 which always caused long traffic for people.


She doesn’t want people to just see her as a transgender, because she’s also human and likes to listen to music and play guitar. Danica wants people to say, “yeah she’s transgender, and she’s a really really good policy wonk.” To Danica, “it’s not trans but. It’s trans and.” Because trans is not something to look down upon.


Thank you, Danica, for showing beauties that they are able to accomplish anything, no matter who they are or what they look like. There is a first for everything! Be bold and just be you. Danica Roem is a girl with beauty and brains!

This Social Activist Saved Many Orphans’ Lives #TWT

Have you ever sacrificed your wants to help someone with their needs? Well, this beauty helped others no matter what her circumstances were. Our terrific woman this Tuesday is Sindhutai Sapkal. She is known as the “mother of orphans” and is an Indian social worker and social activist.

Sapkal was born on November 14th, 1948. She always had the passion to learn and be educated about the world, but her mother forbidden it and pulled her out of school in the 4th grade. Back then, it was inappropriate for women to gain as much knowledge as men although, as we know, they were very much capable of it. At the age of ten years old, she was forced to marry a 30-year-old. During this marriage, Sapkal was beaten and abandoned. She was also hated by her community because she strongly opposed the exploitation of women.

The lack of support that her husband and the rest of the community gave her did not make her back down. Instead, it made her feel stronger about the situation. When she and her daughter were homeless, she encountered many orphans and women who were ignored by society. Ever since that moment, she adopted those orphans and even begged on the street to feed them. To this day, she has adopted and cared for over 1,200 orphaned children. Yes, you read that right!

Sapkal saved so many lives even though she didn’t have much to provide for her and her own kids. She has won over 270 awards from different organizations, and she has founded many organizations across Maharashtra which provide education and shelter to all orphans. Thank you Sindhutai Sapkal for nurturing and shaping the futures of many orphans. Sindhutai Sapkal is a girl with beauty and brains!

The First African American Woman to Win a Pulitzer Prize! #TWT

Poetry is a beautiful thing. Images, figurative language, and rhythm are just some of the rhetorical devices used in poetry. Poetry is usually structured and allows you to wonder, question, and imagine what the meaning of the texts is. Our terrific woman this Tuesday is Gwendolyn Brooks. She was a postwar poet, and is the first African American to win a Pulitzer Prize for her book, “Annie Allen.”

Gwendolyn published her first poem in a magazine when she was 13, and by 16 she had about 75 poems published! She took any opportunity she could get just so her work could be seen. She submitted her work to the Chicago Defender, which is a leading African American newspaper, and that is how many of her poems received exposure. When attending high school, Gwendolyn encountered racial prejudice which gradually made her a stronger person and influenced her writing. She didn’t let the social injustices in the United States negatively affect who she was. Instead, she found a way to learn and grow from the situation.

Gwendolyn used her craft to help others. She arranged poetry workshops for African Americans, and she taught at many colleges/universities such as Chicago State University, Columbia University, and the University of Wisconsin, as a creative writing instructor. Gwendolyn is a great example of a hardworking and determined woman! She is a girl with beauty and brains!

Terrific Woman Tuesday: Rosalind Franklin

Do you remember learning about DNA in your science class? Your teacher might’ve explained that James Watson and Francis Crick had uncovered the double helix structure of DNA. But did your teacher tell you that a woman helped them uncover that? Our terrific woman terrific woman this Tuesday is Rosalind Franklin!


Rosalind is the woman behind the discovery yet no one gives her credit. She used her expertise in X-ray crystallography to obtain photographs of DNA diffraction patterns.


Without Rosalind’s permission, her pictures were leaked and her science partner, Wilkins showed Watson. A light bulb turned on in Watson’s brain when he saw the pictures, and him and his science partner, Francis ended up taking all of the credit for Rosalind’s discovery.


Rosalind didn’t know how significant her photographs of the DNA were and she died unacknowledged for her role in it. Thank you Rosalind for your studies and your work in science. She may not have been acknowledged when she was alive but she is definitely acknowledged today. So if DNA hasn’t been discussed in your biology class yet, be sure to mention Rosalind when this lesson is brought up! 🙂