Our Queen of Soul #TWF

Yesterday we lost a beautiful soul, Aretha Franklin. Not only was she the Queen of Soul, but she was also a civil rights activist.

Photo of Aretha FRANKLIN

Aretha started singing in church in front of her father’s congregation. By 14, she recorded an album named, Songs of Faith.


In 1960, Aretha traveled to New York from Michigan and signed to Columbia Records. The following year she put out hits such as, “Rock-a-bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody.” Within that first year of being signed, she already had songs topping on the charts!


In 1967, Aretha’s cover of “Respect” reached #1 on both the R&B and pop charts and won her two Grammy Awards. “Respect” was one of the songs that earned her the title Queen of Soul, while also making her a symbol of black empowerment during the Civil Rights Movement.aretha-franklin

By 2008, Aretha received her 18th Grammy Award for “Never Gonna Break My Faith,” which made her one of the most honored artists in Grammy history. She also had the honor to sing at the 2009 presidential inauguration of Barack Obama. Significantly, she didn’t sing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” instead she sang “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.” On that historic day, she reminded everyone of who they were and who they were capable of becoming. She reminded people that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to.


Aretha’s voice was so powerful and truthful and inspired an abundance of people, including myself. Her music contributed greatly to larger political and social movements, and more specifically got everyone through their hard times. Thank you, Aretha, for teaching us to always demand respect for ourselves.


She is a girl with beauty and brains! May she rest in peace.


Beyoncé, the Queen of Pop #FWF

Hello Beauties! I apologize for not posting a terrific woman on Tuesday, so as a result I’m going to do it today. This will be called a Fantastic Women Friday post! This will not be a daily thing. I will continue to post terrific women on Tuesdays!

It is only right for my terrific woman this Friday to be Beyoncé since she made history last weekend and the weekend before that at Coachella!

Beyoncé is a multi platinum, Grammy Award-winning recording artist who is also considered the queen of pop. She has won 22 Grammys…which makes her the 2nd most award winning female. She is unstoppable!

Beyoncé has broken records and made history plenty of times. She is the definition of a walking legend. Beyonce is the first artist to have all of her albums debut at number 1. She is the most-nominated woman in Grammy history and she is the first to win six Grammys in one night! Beyoncé is also the first black female artist to cover Vogue’s September issue, and to top it off she is the world’s highest paid recording artist.

There is nothing this woman can’t do. She is a role model to many people including myself! She has shown women that nothing is impossible if you are determined and hard working. She continues to amaze the world with her creativity and her passion for performing. She continues to change the world with her powerful songs and her history making moments. Thank you Beyoncé for being a role model and an inspiration. Beyoncé is a girl with beauty and brains!

Beyoncé Made History at Coachella! ***Beychella

There’s no question that Beyoncé slayed at Coachella Saturday night. Her quick changes, her own band, her dancers, her voice and most importantly HER STAGE PRESENCE.

When Beyoncé performs there is always a theme/message behind her show. Beyonce is the first African American woman to headline Coachella; she made history! So what better way to perform at Coachella than by representing black women and women in general.

To start, Beyoncé was giving HBCU (Historical Black College or University) vibes with the band, the step team, the dance girls and Greek life. HBCUs are known for their lit and soulful marching bands, as well as their pride in black culture. Beyoncé showed her pride in black culture and her empowerment of black women just by setting that theme to the show. It was a very clear visual and I absolutely loved that she decided to do that! She also sang the Black American National Anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” before performing some of her own hits.

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Beyoncé showed a subtle message of body positivity. She had girls of all sizes dancing for her. She was representing women of all sizes, showing that anyone is capable to dance and express themselves. “Fit” girls aren’t the only ones who can dance for Beyoncé, let alone dance well.

Beyoncé had a whole section of female violinist and she had 2 amazing female guitarist as well. There was a female in almost every section of her band. Talk about girl power!

Beyoncé’s songs alone were empowering. From “Who Run the World (Girls)” to “Diva” to “Sorry” to “Formation.” They all imply that women are strong, smart, powerful, and fierce. You should never let a man control you nor do you need a man to survive because “you slay, all day.”

Thank you Beyoncé for continuing to set the bar for women in the industry, for inspiring girls all over, and for being a great example of a hardworking women. She never tends to disappoint her fans and always continues to empower women around her.

What did you think of her performance and what other messages did you get out of it?