Beauty is Beyond Size #TWF

In 2017, Ashley Graham became one of the first curvy models to sign a big beauty contract. She uses platforms like that to push the body positivity movement to light.


When Ashley was a teenager, she got the opportunity to do a group shot for a big campaign, and a girl who was a size two went up to her and said: “Did you actually get paid for this job?”

I’m sure that young lady wouldn’t have said that if she knew what an impact Ashely would be making on the modeling industry later on in life. This is one of the experiences Ashley had that made her want to be a body image activist. She wasn’t always as confident as she is now and she wants to make sure no girl feels the way she used to feel.

When Ashley moved to New York to be a full-time model, she gave up after being rejected so many times. Her mom told her “you’re there for a reason. Your body is there to change the lives of people.” With those words of encouragement, Ashley got back up and used her Instagram as a platform to show girls that beauty is beyond size. Her goal is to see many curvy models walking the runway of high end shows specifically like, Givenchy and Dolce and Gabbana.

She believes that there aren’t enough clothes for curvy girls which is why she has created multiple clothing lines for sizes 4 to 24. Now she is making her mark on the hit show, “America’s Next Top Model” breaking boundaries and showing potential models that a cute face isn’t the only thing you need in the modeling industry.

Thank you, Ashley, for making all girls feel beautiful in their skin. She is a girl with beauty and brains.

August: My Fabulous Confabulation with Brazil Dowe

Another Fabulous Confabulation for the month of August! This young entrepreneur, Brazil Dowe, is doing her part to make the world a better place with a water brand she created with her twin brother named, Water 2 Kids. Its purpose is to save kids’ lives and restore them to healthy living. In this chat, she elaborates on what inspired her and her brother to create this water brand, as well as why it is important to give back to your community!

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She is a role model to all in the modeling industry #TWT

This beauty was the first woman to compete for Miss Minnesota USA in a hijab and a burkini. But before that, she lived at a refugee camp in Kenya. Our terrific woman this Tuesday is Halima Aden.

Halima moved to Missouri through a refugee Resettlement program when she was seven years old. With a serious work ethic and of course her beauty, she was handed a modeling contract with IMG.

But Halima didn’t become just an ordinary model, she also became a role model to others. She remained true to herself by not changing just to fit society’s definition of a “beautiful.” She continues to walk international runways in a hijab and has modeled for some of the most biggest names in the industry, including Fenty Beauty.

Besides modeling, Halima always takes time out of her busy schedule to assist the UNICEF in their work with refugees around the world. She also talks to colleges and universities about diversity in fashion and the power of representation. It is an important conversation that helps young adults understand that they don’t need to be like everyone else, they can be original and confident, and still succeed (probably even more).

Halima said she never felt beautiful when she was younger because she never saw someone that looked like her on TV or on billboards. Now she is making sure that no kid ever feels the way she felt by being that figure who is Muslim and black in the modeling industry, which is something you don’t see.

Thank you Halima for staying grounded in your culture, embracing who you are, and inspiring women to just be themselves. Halima Aden is a girls with beauty and brains.

February: My Fabulous Confabulation with Sarah Paul

Hello Beauties! For the month of February, I had a Fabulous Confabulation with Sarah Paul. In this chat, Sarah talks about what the modeling business is like, how she signed with a modeling agency, and her goals for the future. She also shares some of her most fiercest and favorite modeling looks, so that you can slay the next time you take a selfie. This was a super fun chat as well as an informative one! I hope you enjoy this Fabulous Confabulation!

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