All about IIIcon. Tash and Cody: Music, ANTM, Advice, & Twin Trivia!

Hello Beauties!

This Fabulous Confabulation was a fun one! I chatted with Tash and Cody who you may recognize from Cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model. Together they are known as IIIcon! They are rappers, models, and creatives. Check out our conversation if you are interested in any of those fields!

Tash and Cody chatted about their experience on ANTM, their music, shared some advice, and even did a twin trivia!

Check out their music and keep up with all that they are doing by following them on social media.


I actually met Cody at a women conference that I was a part of and I met Tash at an event in New York. Below is a picture of Tash and me from a couple of years ago! 🙂

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“Sista Chat” With Sydney and Ame


Hello, Beauties!

These two sisters, Sydney and Ame, are dominating on Instagram with their IG live talk show, “Sista Chat.” They have daily interviews with celebrities including, Tiffany Haddish, Angela E. Gibbs, Lucky Church, and Lexi P, and they are only 15 and 13 years old! Luckily, I had the opportunity to be interviewed on “Sista Chat” and it was so much fun!! You can check that interview out here.

Well, I was so inspired and struck by their talent and productivity while in quarantine, I had to have a Fabulous Confabulation with them on Girls with Beauty & Brains! They taught me a tik to dance, how to strike a pose for the camera, and why they feel it is important to speak out, especially now! It was such a great and wonderful interview. Sydney and Ame are so extremely talented and I can’t wait to see how high they will soar. Remember their names! Follow them and tune into “Sista Chat” on their Instagram, Sydneyamefanpage.

Sydney and Ame are truly girls with beauty and brains!

I hope you enjoyed this Fabulous confabulation!





Celebrity Kids Fashion Show + July’s Fabulous Confabulations

Hello, Beauties! This is a series of Fabulous Confabulations that I took at the Celebrity Kids Fashion Show when I was a red carpet correspondent! These chats are mostly on the fun side but they are also informative.

It was my first time being a red carpet correspondent so at first, I was kind of nervous. But, once I did the first interview, I realized that it is no different than doing my formal Fabulous Confabulations.

The people in this chat include Donshea Hopkins, the Dowe Twins, Madison Rosa, Brielle Whiting, Fatoumata Toure, Kaliyah Howard, Tasha Tahaj, Diansia, Taliah, Cool School of Performing Arts, and Pilar Scratch. All of their social media is listed in the video.

Enjoy and comment what your favorite part of the video is!!