Beauty is Beyond Size #TWF

In 2017, Ashley Graham became one of the first curvy models to sign a big beauty contract. She uses platforms like that to push the body positivity movement to light.


When Ashley was a teenager, she got the opportunity to do a group shot for a big campaign, and a girl who was a size two went up to her and said: “Did you actually get paid for this job?”

I’m sure that young lady wouldn’t have said that if she knew what an impact Ashely would be making on the modeling industry later on in life. This is one of the experiences Ashley had that made her want to be a body image activist. She wasn’t always as confident as she is now and she wants to make sure no girl feels the way she used to feel.

When Ashley moved to New York to be a full-time model, she gave up after being rejected so many times. Her mom told her “you’re there for a reason. Your body is there to change the lives of people.” With those words of encouragement, Ashley got back up and used her Instagram as a platform to show girls that beauty is beyond size. Her goal is to see many curvy models walking the runway of high end shows specifically like, Givenchy and Dolce and Gabbana.

She believes that there aren’t enough clothes for curvy girls which is why she has created multiple clothing lines for sizes 4 to 24. Now she is making her mark on the hit show, “America’s Next Top Model” breaking boundaries and showing potential models that a cute face isn’t the only thing you need in the modeling industry.

Thank you, Ashley, for making all girls feel beautiful in their skin. She is a girl with beauty and brains.

“A Man’s Game”

When many people think of football, guys in helmets and bulky gear is usually the first thing that comes to their minds.

On October 14th, I went to my little cousin’s football game and although the sport is interesting to me as it is, I was more intrigued when I found out the opposing team had a girl player. I knew that at the end of the game I had to meet her and hear her story!

This fierce and inspiring girl is Aubrey Skye Calo. She is only eight years old and the only girl of triplets. She is super excited as this is her first year playing football for the Toms River Indians with her triplet brothers. Aubrey told me, “in the beginning the boys on my team would give me a hard time because I was the only girl, but I made sure to put them in their place.”

Aubrey is incredible at football and will definitely be able to go far with it.

This young lady is already a role model to other girls! She is showing girls that they should play whatever sport their hearts are in regardless of society’s standards. Aubrey is definitely a girl with beauty and brains.

U.S. State Legislature’s first openly transgender woman #TWT

This beauty is the first openly transgender person to be seated in a U.S. state legislature. Our terrific woman this Tuesday is Danica Roem!


She first started as a journalist for the Gainesville Times, writing on stories about Virginia’s Prince William County. Now she is serving her community in another way, as a lawmaker in the Virginia House of Delegates.


Danica entered politics because there were still 9 anti-LGBTQ bills that she wanted to change, and she also wanted to fix route 28 which always caused long traffic for people.


She doesn’t want people to just see her as a transgender, because she’s also human and likes to listen to music and play guitar. Danica wants people to say, “yeah she’s transgender, and she’s a really really good policy wonk.” To Danica, “it’s not trans but. It’s trans and.” Because trans is not something to look down upon.


Thank you, Danica, for showing beauties that they are able to accomplish anything, no matter who they are or what they look like. There is a first for everything! Be bold and just be you. Danica Roem is a girl with beauty and brains!