She’s an Advocate for Feminism in the Comics Industry #TWT

This beauty has changed the comic book business for good by creating a female Muslim superhero. Our terrific woman this Tuesday is G. Willow Wilson.  

G. Willow Wilson has been reading comic books since she was a little girl. Her first encounter with comics was when she read an anti-smoking pamphlet featuring X-Men. From that point on, Wilson loved comic books, but she noticed that only boys were being spotlighted as the heroes.

Wilson is the writer behind Marvel’s series, Ms. Marvel, which features a Muslim girl with superpowers. Not only does she touch on girl power but her series also touches on religion. Wilson is also the creator and writer behind Marvel’s series, A-Force, which is about an all-girls superhero team. She uses her comic books as a platform to stop discrimination and to acknowledge what girls are capable of. Ms. Marvel received a lot of negativity, but it also was named one of Marvel’s bestselling series.

Thank you, Wilson, for writing about topics that many authors are too uncomfortable to talk about. G. Willow Wilson is a girl with beauty and brains!

Duchess Meghan Markle #TWT

Before becoming the Duchess of Sussex, this beauty was a screen actress in California. Yes, our terrific woman this Tuesday is Meghan Markle. She is best known for her recurring role as Rachel on Suits, but she has also appeared on General HospitalCSI: NY, 90210, and more.

Meghan has always given back. She was appointed a U.N. Women’s Advocate and worked with the World Vision Clean Water Campaign. At a young age, she stood up for women equality. At 11 years old, she wrote a letter to many significant figures such as former First Lady, Hilary Clinton, because she was disturbed by a commercial that glorified the idea of women only being useful in the kitchen. She was hurt by the jokes her male classmates would make about the ad as well, which is why she decided to take matters into her own hands. Fortunately, with her persistence, the language of the ad was changed. She showed that making your voice heard can be effective and can make a difference.

Meghan also had a passion for writing. She was an essayist and has written for Elle UK.  She was also a lifestyle blogger.

Last weekend we celebrated Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding. It was significant because their marriage proved that “love is love” no matter what race a person is. Meghan is biracial, and she made it very clear that she was proud of her black culture at the wedding. She included a black choir, black musicians, and more during the ceremony. This is very meaningful because women of color have gone from being the outsiders to having a seat at the royal table. Meghan Markle is a girl with beauty and brains and shows that she is capable of making a difference in this world!