Terrific Woman Tuesday: Ellen DeGeneres

This women is one of America’s most well known comedians with her very own talk show! She is one of the MOST charitable women alive! This Tuesday’s terrific woman is Ellen DeGeneres.


Imagine if everyone was as kind as Ellen. I love watching the Ellen show and watching her give out scholarships to high school kids or making someone’s dream come true.

Did you know that Ellen was honored as the People’s Choice Awards’ Favorite Humanitarian in 2016. She has given more than $50 million on her show. Wow!! Ellen has raised $12.5 million for breast cancer, and more than $10 million for families affected by Hurricane Katrina. But that’s not it, she has also given more than $21 million to individuals and families who have shared their story with her. 01315_feature

Ellen is very passionate about animals. She supports and donates to The Gentle Barn, which is concerned for the rescue and rehabilitation of abused farm animals like cows and horses. She is also a wide supporter to many charities that help disadvantaged kids, depression and suicide, animal protection, human trafficking, and much more. What more can you say about Ellen other than she is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, amazing!


Everyone should aspire to be as selfless as she is. Ellen is so humble and she uses her platform to help others. She also shows that the tools and the power to change the world is in our own hands, we just have to have the courage to start and take action!


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