Terrific Woman Tuesday: Melinda Gates

This women strives to improve global health and education. She is one of the most powerful woman in philanthropy. This Tuesday’s terrific woman is Melinda Gates.



Melinda is the co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and being that her focus is health she has had a positive impact on many lives. Did you know that maternal deaths in Ethiopia are down 57% since 1990 due to the foundation’s efforts to get more mothers to give birth in health care facilities? Melinda has worked in more than 100 countries that face challenges in education, poverty, hunger, and health. Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Melinda is the first woman to give away more than $40 billion.


Melinda also has a passion for computers and technology. Did you know that she graduated with a computer science degree and has spent a decade working at Microsoft? She believes that many women in technology are under appreciated, so her goal is to encourage more women to go into a tech career and help them stay there.


Melinda has been honored with many awards such as, the Presidential Medal of Freedom awarded by Barack Obama, and she has also been ranked number three on Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women list. It is no question that Melinda is very inspiring and brave being that she is one of the few women pursuing a career in technology.

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