It was a Monday night after a long day of classes. I received a notification that I had RSVP’d for an event called, “Women in Theatre with Serino Coyne.” I was so tired I thought about not going, but I am completely grateful that I did because I got to learn about Serino Coyne and the wonderful women who work there! I made sure that I caught up with them after the event so that I could talk with them on Girls With Beauty & Brains. They shared so much wonderful information, I wanted them to be able to share their experiences and words of wisdom with all of you beauties!

So if you’re obsessed with Broadway and theatre like me this Fabulous Confabulation is definitely for you! Serino Coyne has been innovating the way live entertainment is marketed since 1977. Some of their clients include Dear Evan Hansen, Aladdin, Ain’t Too Proud, The Lion King, Frozen on Broadway, and many more! In this confabulation, I am chatting with Leslie Barrett and Diana Salameh and they share with me their spontaneous and not so typical days at Serino Coyne, how one can get internships in the broadway, and cool things they do together as a company!

This confabulation was so much fun and I learned so much about Serino Coyne. Leslie and Diana helped me realize other jobs besides acting that have a close relationship with theatre and Broadway. Interning at Serino Coyne would sound like an amazing opportunity, like Diana stated in the interview, head to Careers. Broadway for many jobs and internships related to building a career on Broadway.

What was your favorite part of the interview?


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