Tarana Burke is a New York native who is the founder of the “Me Too” movement, which she actually started in 2006. However, it did not become worldwide until 2017. When Tarana started the “Me Too” movement she was working at Just Be Inc., which was a nonprofit she founded to focus on the wellbeing of women of color. She has heard of many young girls’ stories of being sexually assaulted. Hearing those stories drove Tarana to make a difference and was also a three-time survivor herself.


Tarana had no idea that many other women and girls would resonate with the “Me Too” movement and thankfully because of it, many girls found the courage to speak up and come forward about their experiences. Tarana gave many women a platform to comfortably express how they feel and bring more awareness to sexual assault and harassment.


Tarana’s mother is the reason she got the confidence to be involved in her community and speak out about her personal experiences. She was raped and sexually assaulted during her childhood and teenage years. Her mother supported her and believed that this issue had to be fixed and talked about.


I believe Tarana is one of the strongest women out there who is really making a difference and getting people to talk. I so admire her resilience and determination to help thousands of women and girls. Tarana Burke is truly a girl with beauty and brains.


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