This beauty is using technology to better her community. If you are sitting alone during lunch in school, you can now use the app, Sit With Us, to find a welcoming table you can sit at. The beauty behind this brilliant app is Natalie Hampton, who is our terrific woman this Friday.

In junior high, Natalie, unfortunately, experienced some bullying and name-calling and found herself sitting alone during Lunch. All she wanted was for someone to reach out. But instead of waiting, she reached out to other kids sitting alone and invited them to sit with her. Most of them became her really close friends. Her own personal experience was the inspiration behind, Sit With Us.

“Even though just about every school has bullies, I believe each school has a larger number of upstanders who want to make their schools more inclusive and kind” Natalie noted in an interview.

Natalie is changing kids lives and school environments with this app. Natalie is a girl with beauty and brains!

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